Rangers have an extensive evaluation process; all players will be evaluated for the Indoor 2024/25 season based on a combination of the following:

Outdoor 24 season evaluations completed by the technical team.
Outdoor 24 season evaluations completed by coaches and technical team.
Historical data from previous seasons.
Historical data on where players have played before.
Pre–season age group training sessions Oct 2024.

We strive to build the best possible teams based on long-term development rather than short-term success.

Calgary Rangers understands the stress caused by traditional mass evaluation sessions and also understands that a one-off evaluation session is not necessarily the most productive way to assess players. We assess players in the comfort of their own groups within our pre-season program which will also prepare our players for the outdoor season.

Pre-season age group training, practices and games will take place in September/October. All new players will be assessed in groups and evaluated during this period in pre-season rosters.


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