About Us

The Calgary Rangers Soccer Club and Sports Association (referred to by members as “Rangers,” “the Rangers,” “Rangers Soccer Club,” or “RSC”) was incorporated as a society in Alberta in 2001 to provide recreational and competitive opportunities for children throughout Calgary through the sport of soccer.

Our philosophy is and continues to be to provide all of our youth with the opportunity to play soccer while delivering quality instruction. This philosophy to succeed is based on developing soccer skills in an environment that is fun and encourages risk taking and creativity.

The history of the Calgary Rangers Soccer Club begins far before 2001. Our organization started as a grassroots House League program operated by the Strathcona Community Association. For almost 20 years, the House League tradition has continued, allowing young players to experience soccer in a place where fun is first and foremost. Today, the organization has grown to support teams of both genders in the Calgary Minor Soccer Association (CMSA) tiers. Also, it includes several Adult Men and Adult Women teams, which play in the Calgary United Soccer Association (CUSA) and Calgary Women’s Soccer Association (CWSA), respectively.

The organization has not forgotten its roots and continues to run one of the largest House League programs in the city. Rangers also pioneered the concept of Under 4 Soccer, a program offered now in both Indoor and Outdoor for players age 3.

There are many reasons why Rangers as an organization is unique. Unlike many organizations, we offer technical excellence through our academy Program to all members, House League or CMSA. While sessions are optional, the Academy Staff provide expertise in various areas for every age level in our organization.

We also offer many unique opportunities, such as summer camps, Tours and travel experiences. Our mission is to serve the Rangers community by providing soccer programs for ages three to sixty-three.

Welcome to Our Community!

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