Developmental Plus+ and Developmental Programming U9 -U11

Both streams offer a quality experience for players and their families. Neither stream is purely based on ability, but on the needs, interests, and motivations of the child.

The determining factors in evaluating whether to place your child in the “Developmental Plus+” or “Developmental” streams are the length of the season, number of contacts per week and proximity of their matches. “Developmental Plus+” will play in a city-wide division and have a longer, split season. “Developmental” will have regionalized play with a shorter season.

In this player-first model, clubs are encouraged to evaluate players based on their levels of interest and commitment in soccer and utilize social relationships (friendships) as a key factor in forming teams. CRSC advocates for equal playing time for all players and to try all positions on the pitch. No scores or standings are kept in the Developmental Plus+ or Developmental stream.

Info graphic about Dev vs Dev Plus

Development Programming

The main difference between Development and Development Plus+ is that the development program will have fewer sessions per season and a shorter season than the Development Plus+ program. Our Development stream program is designed for players that may be involved in multiple activities or multiple commitments. The program builds on the House League " Grassroots Young Rangers" by introducing players to the game in a fun setting where they develop soccer skills and knowledge of the game while also learning life skills such as sportsmanship, teamwork and respect. In the Development program, players will receive the Calgary Rangers Skill Centre programming throughout the season, one team practice and one game through the CMSA League. Please note players in this program will pay a smaller fee than those in the Development program.

Development Plus+ Programming

This program is designed to meet the needs of the full-time players in the city or players who want to be provided with more Academy training sessions. The commitment level in this program is higher, and the season length is longer than the Development program season. Players registering in the Development Plus+ program will receive the Calgary Rangers Development Plus+ Academy sessions throughout the season and the Calgary Rangers Skill Centres. Please note players in this program will pay a higher fee than those in the Development program.

U9 Grassroots Festival League

U10/U11 League Play

CMSA would like to remind clubs of some strategies that they can choose to implement:

• “4 Up 1 Up”

o If a team is losing by 4 goals or more, they add another player to the field. Once the goal differential becomes 3 or less, the losing team removes a player and returns to even numbers.

• “Swap GKs”

o Should the run of play be very uneven and one GK is not be involved very often, coaches have the option to switch the GKs for the two teams to allow the other GK to receive development as well. This could be in possession (distribution, etc.) or out of possession (shot stopping, organizing, etc.) developmental outcomes.

• “Mix ‘Em Up”

o Teams are given the opportunity to combine both teams and mix the players up to support their development. Pinnies can be used to differentiate the two teams.

Please ensure all your club coaches and age group leads working with U10 and U11 players are aware of these initiatives and can implement them on Match Day. This is an opportunity to separate our adult ego, and biases and put players first. This will require courage and an innovative mind to be willing to accept these initiatives but will provide an opportunity for players to have different challenges and to all enjoy the game.