Team Volunteering

Calgary Rangers Soccer Club is proud to have an exceptional group of parents committed to helping our club give their child(ren) the best soccer experience available. Over the years, we have streamlined our operations, resulting in a need for an updated volunteer system to be employed to fit the growing needs and demands of our modernized club.

Volunteer/Team Management Fee

Club Level

  • Club volunteer can either be fulfilled by completing one of the below options per family:
    • Being a team official (coach, assistant coach, or team manager) with a team in the CMSA and/or Young Rangers program**
    • Member of the Board
    • Signing up for club events*

    *Please note that if you do not show up for your volunteer shift, or cancel with less than 24 hour notice, then your Team Management bond will be cashed.

    **Team officials in the competitive CMSA program MUST complete the administrative requirements (police check, Rangers’ registration form, RIS, and NCCP concussion module) in order to fulfill their club level requirements.

  • The volunteer system will require families that are registered in the CMSA Competitive program to volunteer at the team level. This is not optional and will not count towards the removal of the Team Management Fee.

Team Level

Volunteering for the team is the responsibility of the parents to be involved and contribute to their child’s play, and it is for this reason the roles listed below will not count towards your Team Management Fee being returned to you.

There are many roles that need to be filled at the team level and are listed below with descriptions:

  • Bench Parent (Mandatory): One parent of the same gender as the player must sit on the bench with the players at every game, practice and academy in case of minor injuries or other personal problems, regardless if the coaches are the same gender
  • Field Marshal (Mandatory): Responsible for all the parents watching a game and must confront anyone who is being disrespectful to the players, coaches, referees, or other parents.
  • Linesman (Outdoor- certain age group): Responsible for helping the referee with offsides and balls that go out.
  • Net assembly (Outdoor): To assemble outdoor portable nets for practices and games
  • Scorekeeper (Indoor Futsal): Responsible for handling the scoreboard and work with the referees.
  • Fundraising Coordinator(s): In charge of organizing team fundraising events and finding players or parents to contribute, can also make decisions on if cash calls are needed.
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Find parents to fill volunteer roles required for each game and practice, and make sure parents are following through on their commitments
  • Treasurer: Collects all team funds and manages team spending
  • Tournament Coordinator: Finds tournaments for the team to enter and handles all logistics in signing up and travelling
  • Assistant Manager: Takes any agreed upon roles normally carried out by the Manager

Thank you for supporting our club. If you have any questions, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at in**@ca************.com.

Volunteers are extremely important to the operation of the club and allow us to provide a quality soccer program. We are proud to have an exceptional group of parents committed to helping our club give their children the best soccer experience available. We require our families to volunteer for the club each season.

At the time of registration, you will be required to pre-authorize a $150 Volunteer/Team Management Bond. This bond will be charged unless you volunteer for a club shift or as a rostered team official during the season.

Teams that do not have sufficient parent volunteers to coach or manage the team will have their volunteer fee cashed regardless of whether parents of the team have signed up for club shifts.