Team Manager Resources

Roles of the Team Manager

  • Main contact with Club Admin
  • Organize a coach/parent meeting at the start of the season.
  • Collect and hold onto Emergency Medical Forms
  • Engage other parents to get involved – bench parents, linesmen, treasurer, tournament
    coordinator, field marshal etc.
  • Works with club admin to assist with Proof of Age, Club Waivers and CMSA waivers in our
    U9-U19 Programs
  • Update and support club admin with TeamSnap calendars so all players get the correct
    schedule for training and games.
  • Print Game Sheets and organize player cards for U11-U19 Programs to give to the referee
    before each game.
  • Update scores through CMSA website
  • Maintain team jersey count – what jersey was designated to who and if they returned it to the
    Club at the end of the season.
  • Support and deliver club communications to your parent group.
  • Manage travel documents with the assistance of club staff.
  • Support fundraising initiatives.

Team Managers

Every successful team and Coach need a manager to keep things organized.

If you would like to become the Team Manager for your child’s team, at the time of registration please complete the Volunteer application. When in Powerup you can select ‘Volunteer Now’ and pick Team Manager. If the season is already underway, please pass your name along to your child's coach so they can let Admin know and get you setup.

As a note, we try to keep Managers consistent season after season as it provides continuity for all and allows for consistent messaging to membership.

Team Official Documents

Team Official requirements