Calgary Rangers Skill Centres

Skills Centre ‘Conditioned Games, Small Sided Games, Game Related Practises.

The Skills Centre will challenge players to overcome different constraints in the various small-sided games and game related practises (pitch dimensions, scoring methods, opposition size etc). Although each station will have a different constraint/condition, they will all relate to the weekly theme. Guided discovery and problem-solving methods will be used to allow players to think critically and make their own decisions in the games.

Skill Centre Programs are designed to deliver with following principles:

Canada Soccer Skill Centre's Model is to provide all players “access to high-quality programs where they can have FUN! For young players between the ages of 8-12, an enjoyable experience means that they can have fun with their friends and learn new skills that they can then apply in a game context.

This is the essence of the Canada Soccer Skill Centre: To provide an accessible development program for young players between the ages of eight to 12 that caters specifically to their developmental needs.

  • High Contact Time with the Ball
  • Training Resembles the Game
  • Fun Training for Everyone
  • Accessible to Everyone
  • Meaningful Feedback from Coaches

Every session will consist of three 15-20 min stations, plus a 10 minute technical warm up:

  • Warm Up: Group warm up. All engaged and involved. The session groups will be selected here. New groups selected every practice.
  • Small Sided Game: Game led by a coach with rules/conditions to stimulate problem solving and thinking.
  • 1v1 or Small Unit Activity: An activity that allows coaches to focus on a particular, game scenario or topic and get the players to explore solutions.
  • Physical Literacy: Activities that challenge players to use their bodies in different ways and explore different movements.
  • Free Play Game: It is their game, so we let them play!